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“Święta z Burakami” – embroidery 13cm


Welcome to the Polish vibes. The title of this embroidery can be translated into “Christmas with Beetroots”. It’s a wordplay where beetroot has minimum 2 meanings in Polish.
1. A beetroot as a vegetable. It is used in many traditional dishes and most likely, one of these dishes will be on the Christmas table such as beetroot soup.
2. A beetroot as a person. It suggests that this person is uneducated with prejudiced ideas and beliefs.
This way, there are beetroots on your plate and beetroots sitting at the Christmas table.

Do you know this feeling of a nice Christmas atmosphere? Sitting at the table, being with your family and then comes the “beetroot moment”.
Let’s say it’s your uncle. He starts asking questions like: “When are you planning to have children?”, “When will you finally get married?”, “Did you gain weight?”, “When will you buy a house?”, “What is this for a job? You should get a REAL job!”, “Are you vegan?! How do you even survive? What a rabbit.”.

This can go on for hours but most importantly, Uncle Beetroot asks these questions but he doesn’t care about your answers.

Such a person can destroy your mood and the atmosphere. When someone takes my joy, the only thing (besides being assertive) is to turn that into a joke and here comes my embroidery.
Let this embroidery bring your Christmas to another level. Maybe you know someone who struggles with family meetings like this. I’m sure that person would be happy to get that embroidery.

Oops, gone!

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Product details:

  • limited quantity will give you a special feeling of owning an artwork
  • hand signed and numbered by the artist
  • size: Ø 13 cm
  • high quality embroidery hoop included (made of beech wood)
  • organic cotton fabric and high-quality cotton threads
  • each embroidery is unique and hand-made
  • technique: various embroidery stitches and watercolour
  • project and design by Monika Deimling

Note 1: The colours may differ depending on the screen settings, but I assure you, they are beautiful. Note 2: Luckily, I'm not a machine and I'm using my hands for embroidering the pattern, that's why each product will slightly differ. I purposely avoid using templates for some parts to keep it unique.

Specyfikacja produktu:

  • limitowana ilość sprawi, że poczujesz się właścicielem_ką unikatowego dzieła sztuki
  • praca ręcznie podpisana z numeracją
  • rozmiar: Ø 13 cm
  • tamborek (ramka) w zestawie (wykonana z drewna bukowego)
  • tkanina z bawełny organicznej
  • wysokiej jakości bawełniana mulina
  • każda praca jest ręcznie wykonana i wyjątkowa
  • technika: haft z wykorzystaniem różnych ściegów
  • projekt i realizacja: Monika Deimling

Uwaga 1: Rzeczywiste kolory mogą się różnić, w zależności od ustawień monitora, ale zapewniam, że są piękne. Uwaga 2: Na szczęście nie jestem maszyną i używam swoich rąk do pracy nad haftem, dlatego każdy wzór jest unikalny. Celowo pomijam używanie szablonów do niektórych partii wzoru, aby podkreślić ich niepowtarzalność.

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