Reproduction of “Shakin’ Stevie”


This is NOT an original embroidery work. It’s a high-quality print as a reproduction of the original work (“Shakin’ Stevie”).

I want to introduce you to Shakin’ Stevie, a person each of us knows. You can be friends, enemies or deny the existence of Stevie. In any case, this person will not vanish. Stevie becomes less annoying when acknowledged. Is there a situation where Stevie appears and shakes your body, literally or metaphorically? Maybe it’s when you walk into the dentist or go to a job interview. It seems pretty obvious and socially acceptable. However, Stevie comes in, for some, when they want to go shopping but need to get out of their flat and meet other people. Other times, Stevie shakes so much that we wake up in the middle of the night. It may sound absurd, but this shaking can make our body freeze. 50 Shades of Stevie may still not be enough. Shakin’ Stevie is, at its core, a wonderful person. When you get this embroidery, you will be reminded to take care of your personal Stevie.

PS: This print looks so good that you may want to touch it and check if it’s real threads and fabric or “just” a paper.

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Product details:

  • size: 30x30cm
  • high-quality matte print on 100% cotton paper (300g)
  • giclée print guarantees archival standards
  • image sold with signature and number of copy
  • image and design by Monika Deimling
  • picture frame NOT included

Giclée, the French word for ‘spray’, refers to the inkjet printing process used to produce beautiful archival standard fine art prints.

Specyfikacja produktu:

  • rozmiar: 30x30cm
  • wysokiej jakości druk giclée na grubym papierze bawełnianym (300g)
  • wydruk sprzedawany z podpisem i numeracją wydruków
  • projekt: Monika Deimling
  • produkt sprzedawany jest bez ramy

Giclée, francuskie słowo nawiązujące do “rozpylania”, odnosi się do procesu druku atramentowego stosowanego do produkcji pięknych, spełniających standardy archiwalne wydruków artystycznych

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