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Reproduction of “Święta z Burakami”


This is NOT an original embroidery work. It’s a high-quality print as a reproduction of the original work (“Święta z Burakami”). This print looks so good that you may want to touch it and check if it’s real threads and fabric or “just” a paper.

Welcome to the Polish vibes. The title of this embroidery can be translated into “Christmas with Beetroots”. It’s a wordplay where beetroot has minimum 2 meanings in Polish.
1. A beetroot as a vegetable. It is used in many traditional dishes and most likely, one of these dishes will be on the Christmas table such as beetroot soup.
2. A beetroot as a person. It suggests that this person is uneducated with prejudiced ideas and beliefs.
This way, there are beetroots on your plate and beetroots sitting at the Christmas table.

Do you know this feeling of a nice Christmas atmosphere? Sitting at the table, being with your family and then comes the “beetroot moment”.
Let’s say it’s your uncle. He starts asking questions like: “When are you planning to have children?”, “When will you finally get married?”, “Did you gain weight?”, “When will you buy a house?”, “What is this for a job? You should get a REAL job!”, “Are you vegan?! How do you even survive? What a rabbit.”.

This can go on for hours but most importantly, Uncle Beetroot asks these questions but he doesn’t care about your answers.

Such a person can destroy your mood and the atmosphere. When someone takes my joy, the only thing (besides being assertive) is to turn that into a joke and here comes my embroidery.
Let this embroidery bring your Christmas to another level. Maybe you know someone who struggles with family meetings like this. I’m sure that person would be happy to get that embroidery.


Oops, gone!

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Product details:

  • size: 20x20cm
  • high-quality matte print on 100% cotton paper (300g)
  • giclée print guarantees archival standards
  • image sold with signature and number of copy
  • image and design by Monika Deimling
  • picture frame NOT included

Giclée, the French word for ‘spray’, refers to the inkjet printing process used to produce beautiful archival standard fine art prints.

Specyfikacja produktu:

  • rozmiary: 20x20cm
  • wysokiej jakości druk giclée na grubym papierze bawełnianym (300g)
  • wydruk sprzedawany z podpisem i numeracją wydruków
  • projekt: Monika Deimling
  • produkt sprzedawany jest bez ramy

Giclée, francuskie słowo nawiązujące do “rozpylania”, odnosi się do procesu druku atramentowego stosowanego do produkcji pięknych, spełniających standardy archiwalne wydruków artystycznych

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