The project ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right’ is an attempt to explore the theme of trauma and its effects on the body and mind. One of the common defence mechanisms is dissociation, resulting in the perception of oneself as an identity shattered into two or more distinct personality states, which is the main focus of this project.

The series consists of black and white photographs that are single shots of myself. The long exposure is intended to highlight the feeling of being trapped in a body with multiple personalities. In each photograph, dust is deliberately visible as a reminder of the traumatic events of the past that one tries to deny.

A poem to accompany the photographs from the project „Two wrongs do not make a right.”:


I have two bodies.
One carries a baggage of unwanted experiences
The other pretends like there is nothing wrong.

You touched me.

I am Fighting for existence
The battle is constant.
Like after a hot shower
The condensation gathers
I wipe the mirror to recognise my true-self
But the steam works hard to cover the very thing that I am trying to reveal.

You did force me.

It is my fault, the water was indeed too hot.
I rubbed my body till it bled
Trying in hope to feel a new self.

You humiliated and abused.

The stench of dirt, the cologne of dirt.
It stuck to me like the strongest glue.
For years I have washed, for years it has remained.
Every day is a body of displaced memories.

In one body, I have two, living and breathing bodies.